Mini baked oatmeal cups
Saw this on @ovenhaven 's Instagram feed one morning and we've been making it quite often since then. It's so easy to make and delicious too!
Banana and Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins
Blackened bruised bananas only means one thing, time to make Banana & Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins!

This recipe is adapted from Nigella's Kitchen cookbook.
Spinach and Cheese Mini Muffins
Perfect for little hands to hold makes it a great snack for toddlers. Easy and delicious too!
Sweet Potato and Tuna Croquettes
I usually made croquette with potato, but sweet potato has more nutrition so trying something different this time around.
Macaroni and Zucchini Slice
My daughter loves it when I put this pasta and zucchini slice on her lunchbox. It can be made in advance (saves so much time!), easy to make, tasty, filling and healthy too with all the grated...